Programs & Services


The South Asian Centre is committed as a referral agency for the community. We provide a wide array of services and activities. The following is a quick glimpse into what we do:


  1. Provide assistance to South Asian youth, women, and seniors to adapt to the Canadian cultural mosaic.
  2. Organize cultural events and raise funds for the benefit of the community
  3. Establish South Asian resources and research services for the larger community.
  4. Provide information and education about South Asia and South Asian population in Canada.
  5. Provide business and trade information between India and Canada.
  6. Provide English language instruction to South Asian immigrants and help in understanding the social and cultural mosaic of Canada
  7. Organize outreach programs to bring people of the South Asian sub-continent into the mainstream Canadian way of life with emphasis on special segments of the population, e.g. youth, women, elderly, etc.


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