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Buddham Sherm GASHAMI!


Sri Lanka is an island country off the Southeast of India. It was once called Ceylon. THe visitors enjoy the sunny beaches, the country's rich culture, traditions and Sri Lanka’s five national parks. It has a warm tropical climate. It’s population is 15 416 000 in an area of 65 610 sq km. Six main groups of people lie in Sri Lanka. the largest group are the Sinhalese, make up about 74 percent of the population. Their ancestors came to Sri Lanka from northern India around 500 BC. Most Sinhalese are Buddhists. The Buddha, founded Buddhism and also lived between 563 and 483 BC is believed to have visited Sri Lanka three times. Tamils make up 19 percent of the population. Their ancestors came from southern India. Most Tamils are Hindus. Nearly 8 percent of Sri Lanka’s people are Muslims. They include Moors, the descendants of Arabs and Malays.


The Portuguese landed in Colombo, now Sri Lanka’s capital in 1505. The Dutch took over part of the Island in 1656. The British replaced them in 1796. The British ruled until 1948. the europeans introduced Christianity. The descendants of the Portuguese and Dutch are called Burghers.


The elected President heads the government. Parliament consists of one chamber, with 168 elected members. The Parliament is at Kotte, near Colombo.


About 23 out of every 100 people in Sri Lanka live in cities or towns. The rest fof them live in the countryside. Sinhala is the official language. Rupee is the currency of the country. Tea, textiles, rubber, coconut products are the main exports of the country.


The city of Kandy is the hilly region of South-Central Sri Lanka. It contains the famous Buddhist Temple of Tooth, where a sacred tooth said to be that o the Buddha is preserved. This tooth is Sri Lanka's most prized possession.


Tea accouts for a third of the country's exports. Sri Lanka and India are the world’s two largest tea exporters.


All education is free and schooling is compulsory from the ages of 6 to 14. Most schoolare run by the government.


Cricket, soccer and volleyball amoung the leading sports in this country. Rie, the cheif food in Sri Lanka is served with curry dishes made from fish, meat and vegetables.


Religion plays a major part in people’s lives. Western clothes are common but maby women wear saris while men wear sarougs ( cloth tied around at waist). Music is a leading art form. Many devices have their origins in religious rites and ceremonies. Religious processions take place in audy every August. A temple elephant, covered by by beautiful cloth and lit by electric bulbs barriers the golden casket which contains the sacred tooth of the Buddha.


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